Responsibilities of Patrons

Bags, backpacks, and coats

All bags, briefcases, and packs must be deposited in the lockers provided for this purpose at the entrance of the library, and all outerwear must be hung in the adjacent closet. Only very small purses or clear plastic bags are permitted within the library. 

Care and handling of library materials

Reader in Smyth LibraryIn the interests of long-term preservation of the library's resources, please handle all materials with proper care. Do not leave books in offices or study areas in places where they are exposed to direct sunlight or to humidity. Do not underline, mark, or otherwise write on any materials possessed by the library. Sticky “post-its” to mark pages of library books are not permitted. Additional regulations apply to the handling of special collections such as photographs, archival materials and rare books. 

Reshelving books

Please do not re-shelve items after use, but leave them on the book carts located throughout the library. They will be re-shelved by the library staff. It will assist the stacks maintenance staff if you return books and periodicals to the area in which they are shelved; book carts are clearly marked with the appropriate call number ranges.

Quiet study

Help maintain an environment of quiet study throughout the library by keeping conversations essential, brief, and quiet. The Granaio Commons Room may be used for lengthy conversation. Music players should be used with headphones set at low volume so as not to disturb others.

Cell phones

Cell phone use is allowed only in the Granaio Commons Room or outside. Inside the library please silence phones.

Food and beverages

Eating and drinking are permitted only in the Granaio Commons Room or the Library lobby, where there is a water fountain. The Granaio is furnished with a kitchenette with a water fountain, a machine for hot drinks, and a small refrigerator for readers’ use. Request a key card from the Security staff at the library entrance to access this area. 


Smoking is not permitted in any of the complex of buildings that make up the I Tatti research center - villa, library, studies, lecture hall, and common rooms.

Lost and Found

Items left within the library will be placed in a Lost and Found locker. Contact the Security personnel at the front desk for assistance.