100 Years Ago - a Weekly Selection from Mary Berenson's Diaries

Naples: Capodimonte, and tea by the lake of Avernus

Saturday, May 20 

We all went to the Museum.

Carlo Placci1 at last got hold of his Duca di Eboli, who gave us a letter to see the new things at Pompei.

We lunched at the Umberto in the Galleria, fairly good. Placci left – and we others drove out and had tea on the crater of the Lake of Avernus and then on through the Arco Felice to Cumae.

We climbed that divine hill and enjoyed ourselves enormously.



1 One of the  Berensons’ best friends. Novelist, traveler, politician, was an integral part of the Florentine Anglo-American community. Son of an Italian banker who had married a Mexican, was brought up by an English governess.