100 Years Ago - a Weekly Selection from Mary Berenson's Diaries

Caserta: palace and gardens, and some Sienese paintings at Aversa

Thursday, May 25 

Elizabetta1, Geoffrey Scott and I spent the afternoon at Caserta, seeing the Gardens and Palace, and dining at the de Piccolellis place at S. Nicola2, where the strange old grandfather lived for 20 years after his wife deserted him. We enjoyed it very much.

Bernard went to Aversa to see the Vanni3 there, and dined with Nora4.



Elisabetta de Piccolellis, wife of Lucien Henraux.

San Nicola la Strada, near Caserta. It was an estate of de Piccolellis family.

Mary can refer either to the frescoes by Andrea Vanni in the cappella Casaluce or to the painting in the church of the Annunciation (see BB’s note).

Nora Ruffo Grifeo.