100 Years Ago - a Weekly Selection from Mary Berenson's Diaries

A walk with friends

Friday, June 30

Went to the Madonna del Sasso1 with Lina2 and Mr. Hulton3 and Geoffrey4 and Yoï5, while Guido Cagnola6 (who unexpectedly appeared) and Nora7 and BB came with Sybil8.

Lina and Hulton and I had a good walk first, to the top, which us thoroughly enjoyed.

Geoffrey. and Yoï sat talking chastely over past joys which neither is in the mood of renewing.

The Salveminis9 came to lunch, married at last.


1 Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso, Pontassieve.

2 Lina Waterfield: Born Lina Duff Gordon in 1874 (d. 1964), on the death of her mother in 1889 she became the ward of her aunt, Janet Ross, née Duff Gordon:. They lived at Poggio Gherardo, near Settignano, and I Tatti.

3 William Stokes Hulton (1852-1921) was a painter, whose artist friends included Sickert and Sargent: He married the half Italian Teresa Mazini who brought links with the literary and artistic community of Florence.

5 Yoï Crosse (1877-1944): see note 2 on May 6.

6 Guido Cagnola (1861-1954). Lombard aristocrat, collector, a founder of the periodical Rassegna d’arte.

8 Lady Sybil Marjorie Lubbock (née Cuffe) (1879-1943): see note 7 on May 6.

9 Gaetano Salvemini (1873-1957) historian and politician