100 Years Ago - a Weekly Selection from Mary Berenson's Diaries

A visit to the Gamberaia after dinner.

BB. went to see Sybil1, who is painfully ill with an infection of the mucous membrane.

Geoffrey2 took Nora3 over meaning to show her Strong4’s house, but she was so drugged that she felt asleep. Even wake she had been like a somnambulist all day.

Poor little creature I think of her as of a leaf caught in a whirling current setting toward a fire, tossed this way and that, but always nearer destruction. 

Elizabetta5 came up, she, too, very anxious about Nora. Her state is indeed only too patent.

Mr. Destrée6 and his second wife, Mr. and Mme de Pierron7, came to tea. We went to the Gamberaia after dinner – lovely moonlight.



1 Lady Sybil Marjorie Lubbock (née Cuffe) (1879-1943): see note 7 on May 6

4 Eugénie Sellers Strong and her husband Sandford Arthur Strong (see note 4 on July 4) were living in Fiesole, villa Le Balze where Scott and Pinsent worked between 1911 and 1919.

5  Elisabetta de Piccolellis, wife of Lucien Henraux. See note 1 on May 25.

6 Jules Destrée (1863-1936) see Wikipedia entry.

7 Alexandre Pierron, dit Sander (1872-1945). Belgian writer. .