May 2015

    This list covers new titles but is not an exhaustive list of the library's recent acquisitions. The first volume received by the library of a new journal or multi-volume work is listed, but second and subsequent volumes do not appear here. Please consult Hollis+ or Hollis Classic for comprehensive coverage of the library's holdings.

    Philosophy and Religion (LC Class B)

    History and Geography (LC Classes C, D, E, F and G)

    Social and Political Sciences, Law and Education (LC Classes H, J, K and L)

    Music (LC Class M) and Scores

    Fine Arts (LC Class N)

    Language and Literature (LC Class P)

    Science and Medicine (LC Classes Q and R)

    Agriculture, Technology, Military and Naval Sciences (LC Classes S, T, U and V)

    Book History and Bibliography (LC Class Z)


      Special Collections - Rare Books

      Asian and Islamic Collection

      Auction Catalogs

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