Seminar Posters 2014

On the first week of the 2014 seminar, each participant selected a terms for a list of key words and concepts, such as street corner, threshold, coats of arms or movement. As a result, the scholar focused more attention on this concept. For the final meeting, held on October 15 at the Harvard Center Shanghai, each participant created a poster on his or her theme, and presented this before the rest of the group. The posters were also on view during both days of the conference, held at the Harvard Center Shanghai and Fudan University. At the latter institution, seminar co-directors Jonathan Nelson (I Tatti) and Fabrizio Nevola (University of Exeter) gave a short presentation, and four of the participants presented their posters. To see the posters click on the imagesbelow; the name of the author will appear if you pass your mouse over the poster. For most of these, there related explanations; for the short texts, click links below .

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