Fellows' Seminar V: Interdisciplinary Translations: Philosophy, Philology and Music


Thursday, February 6, 2014, 2:30pm to 6:00pm


Gould Hall

At these informal events, each of the Villa I Tatti Fellows present
their work-in-progress. Usually, a half hour talk will be followed by a
half hour discussion, and then a talk by the next Fellow. These are held
in the Gould Hall and open to the all scholars, but please write in advance if you plan to attend.

6 February, 14.30      Fellows' Seminar V: Interdisciplinary Translations: Philosophy, Philology and Music
-Eugenio Refini: Reshaping Aristotle: Vernacular Translators and their Readers in Early Renaissance Italy
-Davide Baldi: Pier Vettori professore di greco-latino nello Studium di Firenze
-Giordano Mastrocola: Influenze extramusicali sull'opera teorica di Nicola Vicentino