Supporters FY16

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We are deeply grateful to all the individuals, foundations, and corporations whose generous contributions helped us so greatly in fiscal year 2016. The names of all the individual donors are too many to mention here, but the following is a list of those to whom we are particularly grateful. 


Deborah Loeb Brice
Arthur Loeb
Joseph P. and Roberta Pellegrino


Dorothy Wagner-Wallis Charitable Trust
Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
Frank A. Campini Foundation
Frederick S. Koontz
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
David and Julie Tobey


J. Treacy and Darcy Beyer
Billy Rose Foundation
James Cherry, Jr.
Elizabeth Hunter Morrill Trust
Catherine B. Freedberg in memory of Walter Kaiser
Virgilia P. Klein in memory of Walter C. Klein
Mary Gibbons Landor
Marc Haas Foundation
Robert H. Haines
Rachel Jacoff
Guillaume and Christina Malle
Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc.
Susan M. and Anthony W. Roberts
Sydney R. and Stanley S. Shuman
Mariot F. Solomon
William F. and Juliana W. Thompson in memory of Walter Kaiser
Angela Weisl Read more about Supporters


Abby and George O'Neill Trust
American Farmland Trust in memory of Walter Kaiser
Victor K. Atkins Jr.
John T. Beaty
Lester Carissimi and Christian Lapeyre
Anne and John Coffin
William and Permele Doyle
John A. D. Gilmore
Bruce C. Horten
Frederick S. Koontz in memory of Walter Kaiser
Myron Laskin
Janine Luke in memory of Melvin R. Seiden
Harvey C. and Anna S. Mansfield
Marc Haas Foundation
David Rockefeller in memory of Walter Kaiser
Malcolm H. and Carolyn S. Wiener
American Read more about Friends