Eve Borsook

Eve Borsook

Senior Research Associate Emeritus
History of Glass with Respect to Mosaic Making
Eve Borsook


Eve Borsook is an art historian specializing in mural decoration (mosaics as well as wall paintings) but also works with ceremonial decoration in 16th century Florence as well as Italian cloister art. She received her PhD from the Courtauld Institute (University of London). She has taught as Visiting Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts (New York University, where she received her MA), and many other institutes in the US, Florence, and Australia. Her publications include The Mural Painters of Tuscany (1960, 1980), The Companion Guide to Florence (9 editions between 1966 and 1998), Francesco Sassetti and Ghirlandaio at Santa Trinita,Florence : history and legend in a Renaissance chapel (1981, with Johannes Offerhaus) and Messages in Mosaic (1990 and 1998).

Project Summary

Her present project is the history of glass making with respect to Medieval mosaics, as well as an exhibition on Italian regional handicrafts, this time on textiles made at home, in association with Darcy Beyer, Rosanna Proto Pisani and Carl Strehlke.

I Tatti Appointments

Research Associate: 1981-1989
Senior Research Associate: 2003-2015
Senior Research Associate Emeritus: 2015-2016