Nadja Aksamija

Nadja Aksamija

Robert Lehman Fellow
The Bolognese villa in the age of Cardinal Gabriele Paleotti
Nadja  Aksamija


Nadja Aksamija is Associate Professor of Art History at Wesleyan University. Her primary research interests revolve around villa architecture, literature and ideology during the Counter Reformation. She has authored several articles on late Renaissance emblematics, cartography, and landscape architecture. Nadja’s monograph, An Adriatic Renaissance: The Culture and Ideology of the Villa in Sixteenth-Century Dubrovnik, is forthcoming from Yale University Press. A major study of Pope Gregory XIII’s Sala Bologna at the Vatican, which she co-edited, was published by Marsilio in 2011. Nadja’s research has been supported by numerous awards, such as the Getty Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation Collaborative Grant.

Project Summary

This project is a study of the architectural, artistic, and literary aspects of Bolognese villas at the end of the sixteenth century. It focuses on a group of villa patrons in the circle of Cardinal Gabriele Paleotti and seeks to analyze some major shifts in the ways villas were built, decorated, and instrumentalized for ideological purposes in this period.