Forthcoming Publications

Black, Robert, and Law, John, eds., Princely Ambition and Republican Heritage under the Early Medici:  Comparative Studies (Villa I Tatti Series, forthcoming)

Connors, Joseph and Waldman, Louis A., eds., Bernard Berenson: Heritage and Formation (Villa I Tatti Series; Spring 2014)

Bolzoni, Lina, The Pleasures of Reading in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (The Bernard Berenson Lectures, forthcoming)

Elam, Caroline, Firenze bella (The Bernard Berenson Lectures, forthcoming )

Finucci, Valeria, The Body Natural: Duke Vincenzo Gonzaga and Early Modern Medical Practices (I Tatti Studies in Italian Renaissance History; Fall 2014)

Gaston, Robert W. and Waldman, Louis A., eds., San Lorenzo: A Florentine Church (Villa I Tatti Series)

Palmer, Ada, Reading Lucretius in the Renaissance (I Tatti Studies in Italian Renaissance History; Fall 2014)

Strehlke, Carl Brandon and Israëls, Machtelt, eds., Catalog of the European Paintings in the Berenson Collection (Villa I Tatti Series)