Upcoming Appointees

I Tatti Fellows

Francisco Apellániz

Deborah Loeb Brice Fellow
Malacca to Antwerp: Michiel Foscari’s global network (1482-1506)

Niall Atkinson

Rush H Kress Fellow
Getting Lost in the Italian Renaissance: Traveling and the Geographies of Disorientation

Bradford Bouley

Jean-François Malle Fellow
The Barberini Butchers: Meat, Murder, and Warfare in Early Modern Italy

Christopher Lakey

CRIA Fellow
Persistent Materialities: The use of gold leaf in painting, c. 1300 - 1600

Jessica Maier

Robert Lehman Fellow
Contested Places: Cartography, Conflict, and the Visual Arts in Early Modern Europe

Alessia Meneghin

Ahmanson Fellow
Routes of Social and Geographical Mobility in the Quattrocento: the Adaptation and Dynamism of Florentine merciai

Giuliano Mori

Andrew W Mellon Fellow
False, yet True. Non-Exclusive Truth from the Fifteenth to the Seventeenth Century

Cecilia Nocilli

Hanna Kiel Fellow
The «Fondo Andrea Francalanci» and fifteenth century dance music: Renaissance and postmodern theory and performance practice

Elizabeth Petcu

Robert Lehman Fellow
Nature and Imitation in Early Modern Architecture

Diana Presciutti

Melville J Kahn Fellow
The Saint as Social Worker: Visual Hagiography and Social Problems in Renaissance Italy

Jesse Rodin

Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellow
Giving Form to Fifteenth-Century Music

Camille Rouxpetel

Florence Gould Fellow
Costruzioni, usi ed eredità dell’Oriente: i francescani, mediatori tra le Chiese d’Oriente e d’Occidente (Italia e Terrasanta, secoli XIV-XV)

Riccardo Strobino

Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fellow
"Sine quibus non": Arabic Philosophy of Science and the Impact of Medieval and Renaissance Latin Translations

Emily Wilbourne

Francesco De Dombrowski Fellow
Opera's Others: Musical Representations of Racialized Difference in Baroque Italy

Gabriella Zuccolin

Andrew W Mellon Fellow
The Reception of Vernacular Midwifery Handbooks in Renaissance Italy

Postdoctoral Fellows

Ingrid Greenfield

Ingrid Greenfield

Post-Doctoral Fellow and Assistant to the Director for Academic Programs
Cannibalism and Collecting: Material Cultures of Consumption in Italy and Africa, 1450-1650

Thomas Gruber

Thomas Gruber

Post-Doctoral Fellow and Assistant to the Director for Publications and Conferences
Man as the Centre of the World: Ramon Sibiuda in the European Renaissance

Term Fellows (1st Semester)

Ludmila Budrina

Craig Hugh Smyth Fellow
Renaissance’s "pietra dura" as a Source of Inspiration for the Development of Russian Stonecutting Art

Joseph Luzzi

Wallace Fellow
Dante's "Divine Comedy": A Biography

Alana Mailes

Graduate Fellow
English Musicians in the Italian Peninsula

Jeremy Melius

Wallace Fellow
Ruskin's Renaissance

Paul Nelles

Berenson Fellow
The Information Order: Writing, Mobility and Distance in the Making of the Society of Jesus (1540-1573)

José Maria Pérez Fernández

Berenson Fellow
Hernando Colón’s New World of Books. Towards a New Cartography of Knowledge

Hudson Vincent

Graduate Fellow
The English Baroque: Style in 17th-Century Art and Verse

Term Fellows (2nd Semester)

Elena Alberio

David and Julie Tobey Fellow
I Disegni di Michelangelo per il Cristo Risorto: Problemi di committenza e sviluppi iconografici

Katie Anania

Wallace Fellow
American Drawing, Renaissance Historiography, and The Remains of Humanism in the 1960s

Darka Bilić

Berenson Fellow
Lodging and Commerce in Early Modern Mediterranean in the Light of Cultural Exchange

Mayu Fujikawa

Berenson Fellow
The European Visualization of Two Japanese Embassies, 1582-1620

Sarah Hamill

Wallace Fellow
The Photographic Detail and Sculptural Seeing

Andrew Leach

Wallace Fellow
Mannerism in Modern Architecture, 1920-1950

Stephanie Leone

Kress Fellow in the Digital Humanities
Building Baroque Rome under Pope Innocent X Pamphilj

David Nee

Graduate Fellow
Shakespeare and the Aesthetics of Simple Form

Visiting Professors (1st Semester)

Nicola Courtright

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
A book on the residences created for Marie de Médicis

Julie Cumming

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
Musical sources for the origin of the Italian madrigal

Helen Hills

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
Silver and salvation: the transformationality of silver ca. 1500-ca. 1750

Nicola Suthor

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
Meta/Physics of Drawing: Trains of Thought and the Artist's Line

Visiting Professors (2nd Semester)

Elizabeth Cohen

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
Women of Rome: Working Lives in an Early Modern City

Thomas Cohen

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
Books on microhistory and on village rebellion in 1556-7

Maria Loh

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
Liquid Sky: Representations of the Pre-Gravitational Sky

Alexander Nagel

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
The Amerasian extension in the European imaginary, 1492-1700

Justin Steinberg

Visiting Professor
A study of legal and literary representation in Boccaccio's Decameron

Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
Early modern interactions between empires, archival and visual aspects

Research Associates

Carlo Taviani

Research Associate
Genoese merchant networks in West Africa and the Atlantic