"Most universities wish they could provide environments as effortlessly supportive and interdisciplinary as I Tatti, but the villa’s alchemy of conviviality and incisiveness is unique. The opportunity to share a developing concept, a thorny interpretive problem, or a newly-composed essay with brilliant friends who are invested in its success is a rare gift."

John Gagné, Francesco De Dombrowski Fellow ’17

Year Fellowship (one year; deadline: October 15)

I Tatti Fellowship

Fifteen I Tatti Fellowships, each for twelve months, are available annually for post-doctoral research in any aspect of the Italian Renaissance broadly understood historically to include the period from the 14th to the 17th century, and geographically to include transnational dialogues between Italy and other cultures (e.g. Latin American, Mediterranean, African, Asian etc.).

Term Fellowships (deadline: November 15)

Wallace Fellowship

For scholars who explore the historiography and impact of the Italian Renaissance in the Modern Era (19th-21st centuries)

Digital Humanities Fellowship 

For projects that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries and actively employ digital technology. 

David and Julie Tobey Fellowship

To support research on drawings, prints, and illustrated manuscripts from the Italian Renaissance


Warburg/I Tatti Joint Fellowship

For early and mid-career scholars in the fields of history and history of science. 

Group of Fellows discussing around a table

Berenson Fellowship

For scholars who explore "Italy in the World". Projects should address the transnational dialogues between Italy and other cultures.

I Tatti - Boğaziçi University Joint Fellowship

I Tatti and Boğaziçi University offer a joint, one-year residential fellowship. 

Craig Hugh Smyth Fellowship 

For curators and conservators pursuing advanced research in any aspect of the Italian Renaissance.


I Tatti/Museo Nacional del Prado Joint Fellowship

For art historians working on projects that address the relationship between Spain and Italy. 

Other Fellowships and Research Opportunities

Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowship

The American Council of Learned Societies offers a small number of Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowships.

Graduate Fellowships

Each fall and spring semester, one or two Graduate Fellowships are available for Harvard PhD students.