The Granaio Project

A multi-purpose, state-of-the-art hub at the heart of I Tatti

Digital Humanities opens scholarship to new and exciting possibilities, enables new research questions to be posed, and offers unprecedented opportunities for scholarly collaboration. I Tatti has recently introduced two dedicated Digital Humanities fellowships and is now taking further steps toward providing the necessary framework to support the work of digital scholars and the many more whose projects involve the Digital Humanities to some degree.  

I Tatti’s involvement in this field, however, brings with it a series of challenges. While our Digital Humanities scholars still require access to traditional research tools such as books, special collections, and archival material, they also require a dedicated, technically equipped lab and staff support to carry out their research. 

Until now, only very limited resources have been available at I Tatti for the ever-increasing number of scholars working on digital projects in the fields of early modern art and architecture, history, literature, philosophy, history of science, and music. A more permanent solution for the Fellows whose research either partially or fully involves Digital Humanities is now urgently required. 

The transformation of the building on I Tatti’s property known as the Granaio (the granary) into a collaborative research space is central to I Tatti’s long-term commitment to these scholars. A DH lab, an area for Information Technology, and much-needed additional study space will occupy the first floor, while the ground floor will be transformed to accommodate a café and common area for the benefit of all members of the community and our many scholarly visitors. Finally, a thermostatically controlled area for rare books will occupy the remaining area on that floor. 

Scholarship and digital resources are increasingly entwined, and I Tatti must develop to meet the requirements of our scholars, reach out to the worldwide academic community, and remain at the forefront of Italian Renaissance studies. 

We ask you to support this project generously and help I Tatti take important steps toward a more digital future. With your support, the Granaio building will become a multi-purpose and state-of-the-art hub at the heart of our center. 

Ways of Giving

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