Operations Coordinator



Status: Full-time
Department: Administration

Job description

Reporting to the Chief of Staff and Manager of Buildings and Grounds, the Operations Coordinator will have a wide range of responsibilities including the monitoring of the property, which comprises several historic buildings in the Florentine countryside, to ensure that all systems and buildings are maintained in good working order.  

Key Responsibilities:

  • Seconding Chief of Staff in smooth operation of all Villa activities
  • Inspecting apartments before arrivals and after departures and collaborating with colleagues for all building-related issues including cleaning, furniture, and other fixtures
  • Seconding Manager of Buildings and Grounds in overseeing the maintenance of all systems (HVAC, security, mechanical and electrical) throughout the property and keeping the maintenance schedule up to date
  • Coordinating inspections to ensure compliance with codes, environmental requirements, and safety regulations
  • Coordinating outside companies for all aspects of building maintenance including the completion of repairs to systems and equipment, and ensuring that contractual requirements are being met
  • Experience working with online databases, spreadsheets, and file-management
  • Managing the online accommodation calendar
  • Ability to communicate effectively with those living on the property in Italian and English, maintaining up-to-date information packages for each apartment, and providing helpful information about the apartment and appliances to each occupant upon arrival
  • Handling sensitive data carefully and exercising a high degree of judgment
  • Other duties as assigned

Professional Experience

5-10 years’ experience with building management. Strong organizational and interpersonal skills necessary. Detail oriented. Able to handle multiple tasks and prioritize one’s own work. Demonstrated fluency in Italian and English, with excellent oral and writing abilities. Driver’s license.

Full time contract
Gross Annual Salary: Based on the experience
Working area: Florence