Francisco Bastitta Harriet

Francisco Bastitta Harriet

Mellon Fellow
Living Images of the Absolute: Gregory of Nyssa’s De opificio hominis in 15th century Florence
2015-2016 (Jan-April)
Francisco Bastitta Harriet


Francisco Bastitta Harriet is Assistant Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. His research interests include Late Antique and Renaissance Philosophy, Intellectual History, Byzantine Greek, Ancient & Medieval Latin and Reception Studies. He obtained two research grants from the National Research Council for Science and Technology (Argentina) and an academic bursary from the International Association of Patristic Studies (AIEP/IAPS). In the last years, he participated in several interdisciplinary research projects concerning the reception of Platonism and Hermeticism in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Project Summary

This project analyzes the circulation and influence of Gregory of Nyssa's De opificio hominis in the Florentine Quattrocento. It intends to show how humanists and philosophers made use of the treatise, reframing such concepts as the living image of God, universal human dignity and creative freedom.