I Tatti Council




In 1980, I Tatti Director Craig Hugh Smyth formally organized the Harvard Center’s most loyal and generous supporters into the I Tatti Council. In the ensuing decades, remarkable financial contributions from Council members have provided essential support for ongoing programs, new building projects, and endowment growth. Today’s I Tatti Council is an international advisory group chiefly concerned with maintaining I Tatti’s financial strength and helping to broaden its support, as well as taking a close interest in its programs and operations. 

The Chair of the I Tatti Council is Guillaume Malle, who follows in the footsteps of Susan Mainwaring Roberts, Deborah Loeb Brice, Sydney J. Freedberg, Melvin R. Seiden, and founding chairman, Edmund P. Pillsbury (VIT’68,’69).

The I Tatti Council


Alina Payne, Director, I Tatti

Guillaume Malle, Chair, The I Tatti Council 

Debby Brice
James R. Cherry, Jr.
Anne Coffin
Anthony M. Cummings
Paolo Fresco
Jonathan M. Kemper
Frederick S. Koontz
Joseph Pellegrino, Jr.
Susan M. Roberts
Richard K. Ronzetti
Neil L. Rudenstine
Angela Weisl