The most important goals of I Tatti are to advance our understanding of the Italian Renaissance and to encourage the fruitful interchange of ideas. To this end, the center offers fifteen full-year post-doctoral I Tatti Fellowships annually, as well as several fellowships for shorter periods. The center provides a tranquil setting where scholars can exchange ideas and carry out their research. Fellows join a community of scholars from all over the world, working in a wide range of fields and often with different methodological approaches. I Tatti's academic community is rounded out with Research Associates, Visiting Professors, and the scholars on staff.


Year Fellowship

Fifteen Fellowships are available annually for post-doctoral research in any aspect of the Italian Renaissance.


Artist in Residence Program

For artists who may benefit from connecting with I Tatti’s group of scholars working in the fields of Italian and Global Renaissance


Term Fellowships

A number of Term Fellowships are available annually for post-doctoral and postgraduate scholars.



A limited number of summer internships (June - July) in Florence are available for Harvard students at I Tatti.


Visiting Professorships

Each semester, a number of distinguished senior scholars serve as Visiting Professors at I Tatti.

Special Grants for Fellows

Former Fellows can apply for Lila Acheson Wallace – Reader’s Digest Special Grants to support their scholarship.