Amici dei Tatti




The Amici dei Tatti (Friends of I Tatti) are a group of steadfast supporters of the Harvard Center in Florence. Through their generosity, and admiration for the scholarly work of I Tatti, they sustain the fellowship program, support the library, and help maintain the landmark buildings and property.

The Amici become members of the larger I Tatti community and are kept in touch with events in Florence and elsewhere through the I Tatti newsletter and regular e-bulletins. By choosing to join the Amici dei Tatti with a gift of $600 or more each year, donors are invited to events in Florence, New York, or other locations. 

We hope you will join the Amici dei Tatti. Through your support and understanding, the study of the Italian Renaissance will continue to flourish in Florence and wherever in the world our Fellows lecture, meet with students, open exhibitions, or engage the minds of those passionate about history, art, literature, music, economics, law, science, religion, and philosophy.

With more than 1,000 Fellows scattered across the globe, I Tatti has truly become the international research institute envisioned by Mr. Berenson more than fifty years ago. But like all non-profit institutions engaged in historical studies, I Tatti must always look forward, even while focused on the illustrious past. With your help, we can continue to fulfill and broaden I Tatti’s mission.