The Walter Kaiser Reading Room Fund

A project to reevaluate and revitalise one of I Tatti's most significant spaces in memory of Walter Kaiser.

In honor of this Director to whom fellowship and the sharing of knowledge meant so much, the largest single space in our library will be renamed the ‘Walter Kaiser Reading Room’. Read more

The Granaio Project

A brighter and more digital future for I Tatti.

The renovation of the building on I Tatti’s property known as the Granaio (the barn) and its surrounding area is central to a vital project concerning our growing involvement in the Digital Humanities. Read more

What we do

what we doI Tatti is dedicated to advanced research in any aspect of the Italian Renaissance. Read more

Upcoming Events

2017 Apr 20

Seminar: What if Orfeo was an Automaton?



Gould Hall

In 1616, Monteverdi told Alessandro Striggio that he couldn’t imitate winds because they are not human. “Ariadne moved us because she was a woman and similarly Orpheus because he was a man.” But what if Orpheus was not a man driven by his own internal passions and creative instincts but instead was an automaton—an inanimate machine with spontaneous motion and sound creation.

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