Summer Seminar

Seminar Posters 2014

On the first week of the 2014 seminar, each participant selected a terms for a list of key words and concepts, such as street corner, threshold, coats of arms or movement. As a result, the scholar focused more attention on this concept. For the final meeting, held on October 15 at the Harvard Center Shanghai, each participant created a poster on his or her theme, and presented this before the rest of the group. The posters were also on view during both days of the ...

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Seminar Summary 2014

Summer Seminar participants at I TattiFor the second time, I Tatti hosted a three week seminar in July devoted to the Italian Renaissance.  A dozen young scholars from Greater China –all advanced PhD students or recent graduates— came to Florence to explore the topic “Understanding Space in Renaissance Italy: Art, Architecture, and Urbanism.”... Read more about Seminar Summary 2014