Angela Matilde Capodivacca

Angela Matilde Capodivacca

Andrew W Mellon Fellow
L'Arte del Tradurre: Machiavelli, Performance and Translation
Angela  Matilde  Capodivacca


Angela Matilde Capodivacca is Assistant Professor of Italian Language and Literature and Renaissance Studies at Yale. She received her B.A. in Philosophy (1998) and her M.A. in Italian (2000) from Notre Dame University, and her Ph.D. in Italian Studies (2007) at the University of California, Berkeley with a dissertation on the relationship between curiosity and the imagination in Early Modern Italy.  Her research interests include Philosophy, Critical Theory, Comparative Literature, History of Ideas, and Gender Studies. She has published articles on Petrarch, Niccolò degli Agostini, Ariosto, Machiavelli, Gaspara Stampa, Teofilo Folengo, Leopardi, Nietzsche, and Anna Banti.

Project Summary

Machiavelli was both a translator and a theorist of translation; if we consider Machiavelli’s literary production, we become aware of the importance of translation throughout every phase of his activity. My project concentrates on Machiavelli’s own translations as well as his employment of translations done by other contemporary authors