Cara Rachele

Cara Rachele

David and Julie Tobey Fellow
Designing the Architect: The Function of the Drawing in Renaissance Architecture
2016 - 2017 (March-June)


Cara Rachele received her Ph.D in art history from Harvard University in 2015. She is a specialist in early modern Italian architecture. Her research focuses on Italian Renaissance architectural representation and works on paper, disegno and drawing practice more broadly, and the development of architectural practice and education. She has recently been a fellow of the Drawing Institute of the Morgan Library & Museum and the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max Planck Institut.

Project Summary

The project investigates the emergence of the artist-architect in early sixteenth-century Italy through an exploration of the development of architectural drawing practice in Florence and Rome. It sheds new light on the importance of drawing for architecture as well as disegno as a unifying theoretical framework for artistic creation.