Giulia Torello-Hill

Giulia Torello-Hill

Hanna Kiel Fellow
Angelo Poliziano and the Development of Dramatic Criticism
Giulia  Torello-Hill


Giulia Torello-Hill (PhD in Classics, University of Nottingham) is a Research Associate at the University of Queensland. She is a specialist in ancient drama and its reception in the Early Italian Renaissance. Her research focuses on the humanist exegesis of Vitruvius and of classical dramatic texts, as well as on the study of the intellectual developments that underpinned the revival of classical theatre at the end of the fifteenth century. She has recently co-edited Terence between Late Antiquity and the Age of Printing: Illustration, Commentary, and Performance (2015) and is currently investigating humanist interpretations of classical dramatic theories.

Project Summary

This project maps out the development of dramatic criticism in the Early Italian Renaissance through an investigation of Angelo Poliziano’s exegetical work on ancient dramatic texts and their scholastic tradition. It sheds new light on the theoretical background that foreshadows the birth of early modern theatre in Italy.