John Christopoulos

John Christopoulos

Deborah Loeb Brice Fellow
Bodies of Crime in Late-Renaissance Italy
John Christopoulos


John Christopoulos (PhD, University of Toronto) is a historian of early modern Italy with a research focus on the history of medicine, law, religion, and society. He has held a postdoctoral fellowship at York University (Toronto), and has taught courses on Renaissance Italian history, the history of medicine and science at the University of Toronto, York University, and Ryerson University. He has published articles in Renaissance Quarterly and I Tatti Studies, and a co-written article in Past and Present. He is currently finishing his first book, a revision of his dissertation, on abortion in late-Renaissance Italy.

Project summary

This project investigates discourses and practices surrounding the ‘body of crime’ as they emerge from witness testimonies before Rome’s criminal tribunal. It highlights the tribunal as an important site of information flow and transfer, and positions ordinary individuals at the nexus of medical and legal knowledge production and exchange.