Tayra Lanuza-Navarro

Tayra Lanuza-Navarro

Mellon Fellow
Answering Pico’s "Disputationes." The circulation of arguments from Italy to Spain and Pedro Ciruelo
2014-2015 (Jan-June)
Tayra Lanuza-Navarro


Tayra Lanuza-Navarro's research interests focus on the ideas of early modern astronomers, cosmographers and physicians, the censorship of astrology and alchemy and related disciplines by the Spanish Inquisition, and on the representation of science and medicine in early modern literature. Recent publications examine prophecy and politics as related to celestial novelties from 1572, and the representation of astrological medicine in golden age theatre. She has had postdoctoral fellowships at the Institut d’Historia de la Medicina i de la Ciencia López Piñero of the CSIC (Spain), at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia, the European University Institute (Florence), and Bath Spa University.

Project Summary

This project explores the arguments used by Italian scholars against Pico della Mirandola’s Disputationes adversus astrologiam divinatricem, in order to learn how these ideas arrived in Spain. The final focus is the work Apotelesmata Astrologiae Christianae, written by the Spanish humanist mathematician Pedro Sánchez Ciruelo with the objective of answering Pico.