Announcing the I Tatti/U.S. Consulate Joint Internship

January 23, 2019

I Tatti and the U.S. Consulate in Florence offer a joint internship for one Harvard undergrad for June-July 2019. This year marks the bicentennial of U.S. diplomatic presence in Florence, and throughout the year, the U.S. Consulate will be carrying out a series of events highlighting the depth and breadth of American and Italian shared history, present and future. The intern will be based at I Tatti but would visit the Consulate once a week to participate in that office’s coordination of research, publicity, and events for the bicentennial, working in particular on an oral history project that will collect memories of World War II through interviews. The intern will also research Bernard Berenson’s experiences as an American émigré during and after the war, including his movements in response to German occupation, and his contributions to the reconstruction of the historic Ponte Santa Trinità. The results of the project will be made available to the public on the websites of both I Tatti and the U.S. Consulate. Applicants must be proficient in Italian.

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