I Tatti Introduces Two New Series of Events

November 19, 2020
I Tatti's Kaiser Reading Room with Fellows

I Tatti has introduced two exciting new series that digitally connect I Tatti with our friends throughout the world: I Tatti Debriefs and I Tatti Masterclasses.

Debriefs are 30-minute presentations from a recent Visiting Professor or Fellow upon return home from I Tatti. These scholars will share their newest research developed during the time they spent at I Tatti, offering those tuning in the unique opportunity to learn about this work before it reaches publication and even the classrooms. 

Masterclasses allow participants to take a virtual step through I Tatti’s doors and listen in as a senior scholar uses the collection as a departure point to expand on themes pertaining to their own research. Pre-recorded at I Tatti, the viewing will be followed by a discussion around topics touched on during the presentation.

The first scheduled event is a Debrief on December 7 featuring Art Historian Maria Loh, who was a recent Visiting Professor at I Tatti.