Allen James Grieco

Allen James Grieco

Senior Research Associate Emeritus
Food cultures in a Trans-Atlantic Perspective (15th-17th centuries)


Allen J. Grieco (PhD École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales) has published extensively on the cultural history of food in Italy from the 14th to the 16th centuries. Currently co editor-in-chief of Food & History (Turnhout, Brepols). He is also series editor of “History and Cultures of Food: 14th-18th centuries”  published by the Arc Humanities Press as well as of the largest on line bibliographic data base on the history of food in Europe.

Project Summary

Little attention has been paid to how Europeans came to terms with foodstuffs and food systems encountered in the New World. In the early modern Atlantic world it is possible to observe newly arrived settlers applying their knowledge of “nature” and dietetic rules brought from the Old World.

I Tatti Appointments

Fellow: 1988-1989
Research Associate: 1989-2003
Senior Research Associate: 2003-2015
Senior Research Associate Emeritus