Thomas Gruber

Thomas Gruber

Post-Doctoral Fellow and Assistant to the Director for Publications and Conferences
Man as the Centre of the World: Ramon Sibiuda in the European Renaissance


Thomas Gruber holds a D.Phil. in History from the University of Oxford, where he was a Rhodes scholar at Merton College and a Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College. Recently he pursued a career as a strategy consultant, and before as a policy advisor to the German Federal Parliament and as a UNESCO consultant. His research interests include Renaissance anthropology, the historiography of the reception of ideas, and the history of unbelief. His publications have focused on the transcultural and cross-epochal history of the idea of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad as the 'Three Impostors'.

Project Summary

This project seeks to liberate the Catalan philosopher, theologian, and physician, Ramon Sibiuda (d. 1436), from his status of an 'inconnu célèbre', obscured rather than defended by Montaigne's 'Apologie de Raimon Sebond', and to reposition his novel and radically anthropocentrical approach within the context of the Florentine Renaissance, French humanism, and Northern European 'devotio moderna'.