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Eliane Roux

Éliane Roux

Ahmanson Fellow
Japan’s “Christian Century” in the Center of Christianity: Proto-Orientalism and Far Eastern Art and Culture in Rome (1549-1650)

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Visiting Professors (1st Semester)


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Term Fellows (2nd Semester)


Diana Belci

Berenson Fellow
Between the Gates of Florence and the Sultan’s Palace. The Influence of Italian Renaissance Architects on Local Craftsman in Transylvania and the Romanian Principalities
2023-2024 (January - June)
Cheikh Sene

Cheikh Sene

I Tatti/Getty Foundation Fellow
The Mediterranean: a space of entanglement of networks, material culture and Exchange between Europe and West Africa (15th-18th century)
2023-2024 (January - June)

Visiting Professors (2nd Semester)


Niall Atkinson

Niall Atkinson

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
The Foreigner’s Wandering Eye: Art, Mobility, and Ecology in French Responses to Early Modern Rome (a collaborative project with Susanna Caviglia - Duke University)
2023-2024 (January - June)

Kate Lowe

Lila Wallace Reader’s Digest Visiting Professor
African people, materials, animals and objects in Renaissance Florence
2023-2024 (April - June)

Artists in Residence (2nd Semester)


Post-Doctoral Fellows / Assistants to the Director


Lori De Lucia

Lori De Lucia

Post-Doctoral Fellow and Assistant to the Director for Academic Programs
Archival Intersections in Mediterranean Historiography: The Trans-Saharan Histories of Early Modern Southern Italy

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