Library Acquisitions, April 2018

May 3, 2018
Library Acquisitions, April 2018

242 new titles were added to the library last month. This list covers new titles but is not an exhaustive list of the library's recent acquisitions. The first volume received by the library of a new journal or multi-volume work is listed, but second and subsequent volumes do not appear here. Please consult Hollis+ or  Hollis Classic for comprehensive coverage of the library's holdings.

General Works - Encyclopedias, Museums and Academies (Library of Congress Class A)

Philosophy and Religion (LC Class B)

History and Geography (LC Classes C, D, E, F and G)

Social and Political Sciences, Law and Education (LC Classes H, J, K and L)

Music (LC Class M) and Scores

Fine Arts (LC Class N)

Language and Literature (LC Class P)

Science and Medicine (LC Classes Q and R)

Book History and Bibliography (LC Class Z)

Specialized collections


Special Collections - Rare Books

Asian and Islamic Collection