The Battle of Lepanto


Lemons, Andrew, Sarah Spence, and Elizabeth R Wright, ed. 2014. The Battle of Lepanto. Vol. 61. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 61, xxiv, 527 pages.
The Battle of Lepanto


I. Song of the Nereids / Carlo Malatesta -- II. On the treaty struck between the Christian leaders / Belisario Gadaldini -- III. Proteus / Cornelio Amalteo -- IV. [When nurturing Venus beholds the tragic ruin] / Marc Antonio Tritonio -- V. To those who died in the Holy War / Nicolo Paladino -- VI. [A city in mourning pays homage to Hector] / Alessandro Allegri -- VII. Hymn to Saint Mark and Saint Justina / Davide Podavini -- VIII. On Mustafa / Giovanni Canevari -- IX. [I am the moon; the fear of war has surrounded me] / Maffeo Galladei -- X. The council of the damned and Ali in despair / Giovanni Battista Oliva -- XI. On the painter portraying the same victory / Anonymous -- XII. On the action victory over the depraved fleet of Turks / Agostino Fortunio --XIII. To Sebastiano Venier, admiral of the Venetian fleet / Giovanni Battista Amalteo -- XIV. One hundred verses : to the city / Anonymous -- XV. [I will now sing of the happy deeds] / Anonymous -- XVI. Nautical eclogue, or The naval contest of the Christians and Turks / Giovanni Antonio Taglietti -- XVII. To the most reverend Paolo Odescalchi, Bishop of Penne and Atri / Giovanni Antonio Odescalchi -- XVIII. [The long-desired day at last dispelled the fading shadows] / Ottaviano Manini -- XIX. A shining song for the victor, John of Austria / Pompeo Arnolfini -- XX. The victory at Naupactus / Giovanni Baptista Arcucci -- XXI. Song on the victory of the Christian fleet / Guglielmo Moizio -- XXII. The song of John of Austria / Juan Latino -- Appendix I: Glossary of names and places -- Appendix II: Biographical information.


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