The 'I Tatti Renaissance Library' receives major grant from Packard Humanities Institute

April 5, 2023
Details of books from the series I Tatti Renaissance Library

I Tatti is pleased to acknowledge a substantial donation from Dr David Woodley Packard and The Packard Humanities Institute. This funding will allow I Tatti to significantly increase the publication frequency of the I Tatti Renaissance Library (ITRL) over the next few years. Building on the funding received from the Mellon Foundation for over 20 years, the donation will supplement I Tatti’s own ongoing financial and logistical support and help to publish 20 commissioned ITRL volumes before the end of 2028.

Mr Packard is a noted philanthropist who also holds a PhD in Classics from Harvard University. He serves as President of the Packard Humanities Institute (PHI), a non-profit dedicated to archeology, music, film preservation and historical archives. The PHI is well known for its work making available Latin literary texts and Greek papyri as well as Biblical, Arabic, Persian and Coptic texts in open-access digital form.  


The I Tatti Renaissance Library has gained an international reputation for its bilingual Latin-English editions, which give a broader readership access to the major literary, historical, philosophical, and scientific works of the Italian Renaissance written in Latin. Under the general editorship of Professor James Hankins, 95 volumes have been published since 2001 (for further information on the series, click here).