Upcoming Appointees




I Tatti Fellows


Hasan Çolak

Andrew W Mellon Fellow
A Transcultural Ottoman Christian Connecting Renaissance Italy and the Ottoman Empire: Formation, Circulation and Institutionalization of Knowledge

Term Fellows (1st Semester)


Tuğrul Acar

Graduate Fellow
The Earliest Mevlevi Shrines in Western Anatolia and Their Architectural Connections with Italy in the 14th and 15th Centuries
2024-2025 (September - May)

Bento Mota

Berenson Fellow
Pre-Columbian Atheism? The Impact of Pre-Columbian Peoples on the Development of Atheism in the Global Renaissance (1545-1618)
2024-2025 (September - December)

Visiting Professors (1st Semester)


Elena Alcalá

Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Visiting Professor
Jesuit Procurator Shipments: The Circulation of Art, Objects, and Images in the Iberian World
2024-2025 (September - October)

Artists in Residence (1st Semester)


Term Fellows (2nd Semester)


Ahmad Guliyev

Berenson Fellow
The Circulation of People, Commodities, and Practices between the Safavid Empire and Italian Courts in the 16th -17th Centuries
2024-2025 (January - June)

Léa Roth

Marlène and Paolo Fresco Fellow in African Studies
From the Gulf of Benin to the Italian Maritime Republics : Cosmopolitanism and the Invention of Atlantic Trade Glass Beads (13th-16th century)
2024-2025 (January - June)

Lucky Ugbudian

I Tatti/Getty Foundation Fellow
Benin-European Socio-cultural, Economic and Political Relations: Background to Globalisation of Benin Artefacts, 1480-1750
2024-2025 (January - June)

Visiting Professors (2nd Semester)


Artists in Residence (2nd Semester)