Call for essay submissions: “Proximities/Immobilities in Early Modern Italy”

June 4, 2020
cover of I Tatti Studies

I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance would like to announce a new cluster for our Fall 2021 issue: “Proximities/Immobilities in Early Modern Italy.”

We solicit contributions (3000–7000 words, including notes) that emerge from possible parallels between the historical moment that is the focus of our professional lives, and the one which we are now living. To what extent has the enforced immobility that has characterized much of the response to the current crisis enabled us to recognize resonances with early modernity, particularly as we contrast it with the mobility to which we are so used to taking for granted? What were the values of proximity for Renaissance individuals — how did they learn to appreciate what was near them, and to reach out imaginatively to what was not? What examples might be drawn when considering those who worked and lived in exile, in convents and monasteries, in ghettos, in forced marriages, in prison, and in retreat in times of war, instability, and plague? In short, how does one make one's room not only 'one's own,' but the totality of one's creative existence, and what comes out of that isolation?

Submissions (in English or Italian) should be received no later than September 15, 2020, to be considered for the cluster.

Please visit for information on the journal, including submission. Direct further questions to general editor Jane Tylus at jt76[at]