Embattled and Conquered: A History of the Night-time in the Early Modern World

June 4, 2016
vasari night

This exploratory seminar on May 19 & 20 in honor of Carlo Ginzburg was organized by Cemal Kafadar (Harvard University). Speakers investigated various themes such as the natural history of sleep, the social history of lighting, the calibration of diurnal cycles among monastic or mystical communities, rising or changing awareness of the night in literary and visual cultures, as well as new perceptions and imaginaries of nocturnity ("from witches to vampires," for instance, in the western Eurasian space). Click here to view the program. 

Night Seminar

Participants of Embattled and Conquered: The History of the Night-time in the Early Modern World  - May 19 & 20. L - r: Laura Nenzi, Elizabeth Hunter, Jeremy Zallen, Carlo Ginzburg, Sanjay Subrahmanyam, Cemal Kafadar, Craig Koslofsky, Elliott Horowitz, Andrea Goldman, Jean-Claude Schmitt, Alina Payne.