Nicholas Terpstra announced as next General Editor of the I Tatti Studies in Italian Renaissance History Series

September 12, 2019

I Tatti is pleased to announce Professor Nicholas Terpstra (University of Toronto) as the new General Editor of the I Tatti Studies in Italian Renaissance History as of 1 January 2020.

Published in conjunction with Harvard University Press, the I Tatti Studies in Italian Renaissance History is one of the few series outside of Italy to produce monographic studies on the history of the Italian Renaissance.

It represents the very highest quality scholarship on the history of the Italian Renaissance, broadly understood historically to include the period from the 14th to the 17th century and geographically to include transnational dialogues between Italy and other cultures (e.g. Latin American, Mediterranean, African, Asian etc.). The series is open to a variety of approaches and methods from the fields of cultural history, intellectual history, urban history, religious history, biography, history of science, history of humanism, and others.

Since 2009, I Tatti has published over 20 volumes in the series, first under the editorship of Professor Edward Muir (Northwestern University), then under the guidance of Professor Kate Lowe (Queen Mary, University of London). As General Editor, Professor Lowe has significantly expanded the scope of the series. I Tatti would like to use this opportunity to thank her for her dedication and commitment in shaping the series over the last few years.

Professor Lowe will see accepted volumes through the press. As of 1 July 2019, all new proposals and enquiries should be directed to Professor Terpstra.

Nicholas Terpstra is Professor of History at the University of Toronto. His research lies at the intersection of politics, religion, gender, and charity, with a focus on issues dealing with poverty, institutional structures of charity, and urban space & the senses in Renaissance Italy. Recent books include Lost Girls: Sex & Death in Renaissance Florence (2010), Cultures of Charity: Women, Politics, and the Reform of Poor Relief in Renaissance Italy (2013), Religious Refugees of the Early Modern World (2015), and Mapping Space, Sense, and Movement in Florence (2016). He has held visiting professor positions at various universities and at I Tatti. From 2012-17, he was Editor of Renaissance Quarterly.