Persian Manuscripts & Paintings from the Berenson Collection explored in a new volume

March 24, 2022
book cover of persian manuscript (detail)

I Tatti is pleased to announce the publication of a new volume exploring Bernard Berenson's fascinating collection of Persian art. Persian Manuscripts & Paintings from the Berenson Collection presents an in-depth analysis of the little-known Persian manuscripts and paintings collected by Berenson between 1910 and 1914. It focuses on three manuscripts and four detached folios (containing over fifty paintings) from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century produced in Iran and Central Asia (with a later addition in Mughal India). Edited by Ayşin Yoltar-Yıldırım, the volume brings together experts from a broad range of fields—from art history to statistics—in order to explore these masterpieces and their visual, cultural, and historical contexts. 

For worldwide sales, please go to the book's Harvard University Press website.

For Italian sales and a table of contents, please see Officina Libraria's website.