Silvia Codignola

Silvia Codignola

Artist in Residence
Figurative objects in Italian Renaissance: a source for imagination
2022-2023 (October-December)
Silvia Codignola


Silvia Codignola is a visual artist who mostly work with traditional media - oil paint and egg tempera, watercolors, plaster, and clay. For several years she has taught at Rome's Istituto Europeo di Design. Since 1996 she has displayed her works in private galleries and museums, such as Rome's Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna (2004) and Padiglione Italia of Venice's Biennale (2011). Silvia has produced works on commission both private and public. Among the latter, to be noted are Rome's Piazza San Cosimato's mosaic fountain, the large paintings for Il Tempo, Rome's daily newspaper, art works for singer Francesco De Gregori and film director Paolo Sorrentino. Autobiografia della madre was her latest personal exhibition held at Rome's Museo Bilotti (2017).


Project Summary

Silvia Codignola's project takes inspiration from a repertory of objects, spatial confgurations, and symbolic elements present in paintings of the late Gothic period and the early Renaissance in Italy and wish to reuse them in a poetic transposition. Her research will investigate some fgurative objects, for example, the table - a metamorphic form from the sarcophagus to the altar to the supper table; the door - an interlude toward a sacred space; the bed curtain; the drape that insulates the sacred fgure from its lay environment; and the Virgin's throne. Furthermore, Silvia may decide to add other fgurative objects, such as the checkered foor, the window, the outside scenery, the enclosure, and the garden. Ancient pictorial texts will be examined by using sketches, drawings, and paintings. In the end, she intends to create small structures made of plaster and wood, painted with tempera, watercolor, and affresco. These small structures will consist of architectural and figurative elements and will interplay space and color.