One of the most significant features of Villa I Tatti is its community. The Fellows and Visiting Professors who arrive each year from different parts of the world are not just given the time to pursue their research, but the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with fellow scholars. The library, household, administrative, garden, farm and security staff are a vital part of I Tatti, and the well-being of the community each year is to a great extent based on their work. 


trees in the I Tatti garden

The 2024/2025 I Tatti community.

Director of I Tatti: Alina Payne

Alina Payne is Alexander P. Misheff Professor of History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University and Paul E. Geier Director of I Tatti.

Two members of staff discussing on a project

Members of staff work in the kitchen, library, administration, IT, garden, farm, and security.


Group of fellows sitting on the Azalee terrace

By now I Tatti has welcomed over one thousand appointees from all over the world.

Former I Tatti directors Lino Pertile and Joseph Connors

Eight Directors have led I Tatti since the Center opened its doors to the first scholars in 1961. 

Research Associate Emiriti Eve Borsook during a conference

Associated Senior Scholars are vital members of the academic community.