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The Berenson Library is a research facility whose primary mission is to support the research needs of current appointees of the Harvard Center and, secondarily, those of former I Tatti appointees and the Harvard University community. The library also welcomes other qualified scholars, post-graduate researchers, and visitors with legitimate reasons to consult our collections.

Exceptions for students or others may be made only on written request to the Director of the Library. In these special cases admittance will be granted for a maximum of two months or ten visits.

Researchers unaffiliated with I Tatti or who do not hold a valid Harvard University ID should present a letter of introduction or, in the case of university faculty members, current university identification. Registration as a reader also requires a government-issued ID. All patrons, including current I Tatti appointees, must obtain a Berenson Library reader's card.

In order to maintain the library as a place of quiet study, tours of groups or individuals are not permitted. Visits of groups for educational purposes, however, may be arranged on written request.


The following users do NOT need to fill out this form:

  • Current and Former I Tatti Appointees
  • Previously registered readers


You must present the same document to obtain your reader's card.

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