Former Appointee Access




General information for former Appointees

  • Former Appointees have the same access to the library and to I Tatti’s information technology resources as current Appointees, however a keycard for access outside of public hours must be obtained from the Security staff.
  • For all appointees, current and former, the only access to the library is through the main entrance and reception area.
  • If Former Appointees wish to show the collection to visitors (at most one or two at a time), they must arrange this in advance. Please remember that the house and the garden are closed to everyone on weekends.
  • Everyone who enters the library or house must check their bags, regardless of their status, the reason for the visit, or the length of their stay. Please understand that if someone inadvertently enters with a bag, the guards are expected to examine this when the visitor leaves.


  • The Library’s collections (Fototeca / Photograph Archive, Archives, etc.), services, and regulations are described in detail in the Library section of this website.  Former Appointees must request and present a Berenson Library ID card to use the library and to borrow books and other materials (for onsite use only). From the Library or I Tatti network, former Appointees may access all Harvard Library electronic resources, but a Harvard ID is required for off-site access. 


  • Please check with reception to sign-up and for indications about availability of space.
  • The first lunch each year is “on the house” while subsequent lunches cost €12,50; please pay in advance at the reception desk.
  • Reservations must be made before 10:15 a.m by calling +39 055 603 251
  • The Granaio is always open to those who bring their own lunch.