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Photographs, drawings and notes of the Florentine architect Emilio Marcucci (1837-1890). This material was bequeathed as part of the Roberto and Livia Papini Papers. It comprises mainly early photographs of Italian architecture and views, and documents Marcucci’s use of photography for his architectural projects in the second half of the 19th century.


Photographs collected by the architectural historian and critic Roberto Papini (1883-1957), close friend of Berenson. This photographic material is part of the Roberto and Livia Papini Papers and is focused mainly on Italian art of the 20th century.


If you are interested in the history of photography, the most common photographic and photomechanical processes represented in the Fototeca are:

  • carbon print
  • gelatin silver process
  • albumen process
  • platinum print
  • aristotype
  • collodion processes
  • collotype
  • photogravure
  • rotogravure

 Photographic papers represented are:

  • Kodak resin-coated paper
  • Kodak paper
  • Kodak Velox paper
  • Agfa paper
  • Agfa-Lupex paper
  • Agfa-Brovira paper
  • Agfa Portriga Read more about Photographs

Materials and techniques

Common materials and techniques search terms for works of art:

  • oil
  • canvas
  • fresco
  • panel
  • detached
  • transferred
  • gold

Artist signatures

The presence of  a signature is indicated in the attribution note and/or the inscription note of the work record. If there is a note on the photograph or the work is listed in one of Berenson’s lists as signed, Artist’s signature is recorded in the attribution note as a source. Otherwise, the signature or other inscription is reported in the inscription note of the work record. Search for the terms inscribed and artist’s signature with the Anywhere dropdown menu.

Destroyed or lost works

If a work has been destroyed or lost, that is recorded in the provenance note. Search the terms destroyed or stolen.


If you are interested in finding records citing one of Bernard Berenson’s attributions, you might search using the specific phrasing catalogers use to record those attributions. For works listed in one of Berenson’s publications: search (use quotes) “Listed by Bernard Berenson as” in one field and the current ULAN name of the artist in another field. The variant of the name used by Bernard Berenson in his lists is recorded in the attribution note.

Catalogers also record Bernard Berenson, Mary Berenson, and Nicky Mariano’s handwritten attribution notes. Because we also record the Read more about Attributions

Common access points

Collector names

When searching for information about a collector, because the name is currently only recorded in a free text note, it is most effective to search only for the last name of the collector.

At times the collector name is not available. If you are interested in those cases, search (use quotes) “private collection”.

Auction information

If the work was sold at an auction and you know the date, we record dates in DD month YYY format. For example, if you want to search for results from a Christie’s auction that took place on January 29, 1954, you Read more about Common access points