2019-2020 APPOINTEES


I Tatti Fellows



Marco Lamanna

Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fellow
The Reception of Italian Renaissance Humanism in Protestant Metaphysics (Schulmetaphysik) between the XVI and XVII Centuries

Post-Doctoral Fellows / Assistants to the Director


Term Fellows (1st Semester)



César Manrique

Berenson Fellow
The incidence of XVth and XVIth centuries Italian printed books in libraries of colonial Mexico. A case of international book circulation and trade
2019-2020 (September-December)

Term Fellows (2nd Semester)


Portrait photo of Daniele Di Cola

Daniele Di Cola

Wallace Fellow
Tradition, Modernity, and the “lois eternelles” of Style: Gustave Soulier’s Definition of Renaissance Art, from “Tintoret” (1911) to “L’Inspiration et la technique de Michel-Ange” (1937)
2019-2020 (January-June)
Portrait photo of Nicholas Herman

Nicholas Herman

Craig Hugh Smyth Fellow
“Il surpasse aujourd’huy tous les citramontains”: Jean Perréal and Franco-Italian rivalry at the turn of the sixteenth century
2019-2020 (January-June)

Visiting Professors (1st Semester)



Reuven Amitai

Robert Lehman Visiting Professor
Looking Again at Economic Developments in Late Medieval Syria, in Light of New Research on the Activities of Italian Merchants in the Mamluk Sultanate
2019-2020 (September-December)

Visiting Professors (2nd Semester)


Research Associates