Gabriele Fattorini

Gabriele Fattorini

Hanna Kiel Fellow
Arte per le arti: le committenze delle corporazioni a Siena
Gabriele  Fattorini


Gabriele Fattorini studied Art History at the University of Siena and completed his studies with a PhD at the University of Turin (2003), and a research fellowship at the University of Siena (2006-2010). Since 2006 he has been adjunct professor of Art History at the same University, and since 2009 director of the Pienza “Museo Diocesano”. His interests relate above all to the art of the Central Italy, and especially Tuscany and Siena, in the 15th-16th centuries, as testified by a large number of publications, contributions to exhibitions and conferences, and lectures held in Italy and abroad.

Project Summary

The project aims to investigate the story of the artistic patronage implemented by the ancient guilds of Siena from 14th to 18th centuries, in order to understand if the paintings and sculptures commissioned by the “arti” have common traits, distinguishing themselves from those produced by other associations and institutions (religious orders, brotherhoods etc).