Luciane Beduschi

Luciane Beduschi

Research Associate
Floreat musica: Florentine Renaissance Music and its Sources, 1300-1700
Luciane Beduschi


Luciane Beduschi has taught Music History and Music Theory at the Sorbonne, Paul-Valéry University, and Skidmore College. Her PhD dissertation, Sigismund Neukomm: Life, Works, and Enigmatic Canons, was recognized by the Chancellery of the Paris Universities as one of the five best theses in the Humanities in 2008. Luciane was editor of Musica, sive liber amicorum Nicolas Meeùs (PUPS, Paris-Sorbonne, 2014), a Festschrift in honor of Nicolas Meeùs. Her work on the reception of Schenkerian analysis in France resulted in a textbook for French-language use. Her work on enigmatic canons has included analyses of proposed solutions and contextual research into this practice.

Project Summary

Floreat Musica aims to create at I Tatti an extensive digital repository of Renaissance music manuscripts preserved in Florence, displaying them in a platform that will bring together scanned reproductions, rich cataloging metadata and related scholarly information. The project aspires to include sources from Florentine archives and libraries, which together hold one of the greatest collections in the world – though in part poorly known and under-exploited – of Renaissance music in manuscript form. The platform, ideally becoming part of Florentia Illustrata, would also provide an innovative forum for promoting and hosting new scholarly research and performance centered on the musical culture of late medieval and early modern Florence.