Ming Zhu

Ming Zhu

Mellon Fellow
The Urban Space of Toscana and Jiangnan in the time of Renaissance: A Comparative study
2014-2015 (Sept-Nov)
Ming Zhu


Zhu Ming is an Associate Professor in the History Department at East China Normal University. He completed his doctorate at Nanjing University in 2010 and spent one year at École Normale Supérieure. His field of research is urban history in Renaissance Europe. In recent years he has become especially interested in the structure of Renaissance cities from a comparative and connected perspective. He plans to explore the urban networks throughout the Eurasia by studying the conception of the urban space. He is involved in various interdisciplinary research networks focusing on urban studies and global history.

Project Summary

This project lies in two related fields: urban history and global history, and concentrates on Toscany and Jiangnan (Yzngzi Delta) in the Renaissance. It will focus on global spatial structure and cultural representation, the use of urban organization practices as an established strategy, and how they reflect the emergence of the early globalized world.