The Early Renaissance and Vernacular Culture


Dempsey, Charles. 2012. The Early Renaissance and Vernacular Culture. Harvard University Press, xii, 384 p.
The Early Renaissance and Vernacular Culture


List of illustrations -- Introduction -- Courtly lyric I. Simone Martini, French courtly lyric, and the vernacular -- Courtly lyric II. Sandro Botticelli and Poliziano : humanist learning and the vernacular -- Civic ritual I. Cardinal Orsini's paintings and Baccio Baldini's engravings of the Sibyls : humanist learning and vernacular drama -- Civic ritual II. Reconstructing the vernacular octaves with the prophecies of the twelve Sibyls -- Appendix. Cardinal Orsini's twelve Sibyls and their prophecies in vernacular octaves reconstructed.


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